Gitte Moller's Images From Ecuador at Gallery 33, London.

When television and movies originally introduced the concept of "technicolour", people were astounded. Likewise, Gitte Moller's exhibition 'Images from Ecuador' amazed me with its vibrance and striking qualities. Being born in Denmark and raised in Australia, Hong Kong, and London, Moller now abides in Ecuador, where she finds most of her inspiration. Moller's eclectic life is apparent in her mixed media presentation which she calls "photo-paintings'. The process of taking black and white photography and hand colouring with several glazes of transparent oil paint is unique and almost surreal. In the works, the stark contrast between colour and black is dramatic. There is a simple portrait of pears in a bowl that seems to radiate light and colour. Moller's five self portraits included each beautifully tell of different journeys and emotions. This exhibit is simple, yet fascinating. Moller gives new life to colours and brings whatever the composition she has chosen to life. Sarah Bryan 19th February, 2003
London Se1


Art For Art

In a beautiful house situated in the valley of Tumbaco, we find Gitte Moller in her center of inspiration. She is an artist of Danish origin, but has travelled to various places in the world.

Her sensibility to different experiences, her perception of the surroundings and her openness to external influences have influenced each work to adapt to new realities, thus, resulting in a diversity of results.

Her production is born from an idea and then takes on a life of its own in the creative process. "Each piece is a living experience...that´s what I like about painting".  In the time span of creating something, a special bond is made between the artist and the work.

Creativity can´t be boxed into a particular style.  It needs freedom and should be appreciated for just what it is. Art moves the soul.

It is difficult to understand Gitte´s work from one single point of view since her production is very versatile.  She has lived in China, England, Australia and Ecuador - distinct places - that have influenced the artist´s vision.  She studied photography in London and is a self-taught artist.  Painting is in her blood - her mother and brother are both artists.

She started painting on black & white photographic prints and from there her work has diversified through the exploration of oils, acrylics on diverse surfaces such as canvas, recycled paper, cotton thread.  Rough textures with written poetry, images that fluctuate between reality and fantasy, blotches of color, or dots in the composition, are some of the elements that stand out.  A gamma that goes from the abstract to the surreal.

No names, no stereotypes, no prejudices, a work can be appreciated for what it is. Stripping away the veils that partial the appreciation of art, one can be receptive to what each work has to say and the emotions it transmits.

By:  Carolina Proaño

"CASAS" magazine

(Edited and distributed by EMOCOVISA S.A.

Nº 002 July-September, 2007.

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